Home Improvement in 2020: 7 Reasons To Limit Your Dreams

Admit it.

You’ve started the decade with a pretty big task ahead of you.

You’re finally going to get your home organized, right down to the labels on the sheets in the linen closet.

Decorated so exquisitely, Pinterest and Instagram will throw you a party.

And, of course, you’ll get right to work on all your other projects, now that your grand vision of home improvement has been fulfilled right in front of you.

But building up an elaborate image of your home as a picture-perfect product won’t help you improve it as much as you hope.

Because you live in your home day in and day out, it’s better to start with reality and limit the amount of change you plan to make.

Call it an “anti-vision,” but looking at your home this way shouldn’t deflate your passion!

There are actually seven encouraging reasons why limiting your dreams will make working on your home this year, well, dreamy.

1. Limits Lead You to Productivity

Most people think they need a big project to motivate them to improve their home.

If you focus instead on fixing all the nagging problems you’ve been living with, you’ll see just as big an impact!

When you limit your vision, you’ll find it easy to identify your next action. You’ll go from repairing trim, to replacing curtains, to decluttering a bookshelf — and these small tasks will slowly uncover the transformation you’re longing for.

2. Limits Grant You The Breathing Room You Need

When you commit to a big vision for your home, you lose a lot of flexibility in how you spend your time and money on projects.

If you limit your vision, you’ll have the luxury of choosing the project that will deliver the most delight each month.

You’ll be able to respond with ease to your changing needs and wants, like adding cozy creature comforts in winter, or replacing worn out items on a whim!

3. Limits Make You The Boss

The bigger the vision, the more people you need to pull it off. And sometimes, more people equals more problems.

Give yourself the best chance of reaching your home goals this year by focusing on projects you can complete yourself.

Many people resist putting finishing touches on rooms they plan to overhaul later, but decorating and organizing a room before committing to the work will give you insight into what you want from your space.

4. Limits Create An Atmosphere of Joy

You know that gap between what you have in your home and what you want? If it’s too big, it’ll be hard to enjoy spending time there.

You’ll banish the pressure of endless backlog by limiting your expectations for how much your home will change this year.

Instead of sitting on your couch and viewing everything in sight as a three dimensional task list, you’ll relax knowing you’ll tackle the most important problems this year.

5. Limits Honor Your Unique Point of View

Similarly, if your vision for your home is too big of a jump from what it is right now, it’s easy to get lost making decisions.

When you change your home slowly, you have the chance to reflect on how your home reflects you and how you live there.

By limiting your goals, you’ll have time and money to put personal touches in each room or corner you work on, and inspire yourself to continue.

6. Limits Make Your Emotions Work For You

It’s inevitable — you’ll plan to paint or rearrange a room in your house, and instead find yourself sucked into a rat’s nest of craft supplies or a box of mementos for an entire week.

When you plan smaller home projects, you’ll create space to process all your emotions about the stuff that lives with you.

Consider decluttering and organizing some of your belongings one of the biggest opportunities for home improvement this year!

7. Limits Let You Go the Distance

It’s tough to work hard for months and still not realize the vision you had for your home.

Smaller home projects — from a minor repair to a reformed junk drawer to a bit of fresh paint — connect your home improvement efforts to results you can enjoy right away.

Instead of resenting your house for not conforming quickly enough to your dreams, the pleasure you get from each small improvement will motivate you to keep going!

Limit your home improvement dreams

Step Into Your Slow But Steady Home Improvement Future

With these seven compelling reasons to curtail your vision for your home in 2020, you’re ready to go for it (slowly).

Imagine looking around your home at the end of the year and finding a clean slate, free of annoying little flaws and embellished with small changes that make you happy.

Imagine enjoying your home all year long even though it is not perfect. Every investment of time, energy, and money you make will create a home that is more comfortable, more organized, more you.

Imagine surfing a wave of inspiration as you give yourself time to clean up and clear out in a thoughtful way.

All this is possible when you go for it — within reason!

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