5 Home Decor Trends You Can Skip with Zero Regrets

Home decor trends you can skip

You’ve seen the lists, right?

You know all the interior design trends for 2020.

But you may also still have interior inspiration stacked up from who knows what year.

Your Pinterest boards are like an archaeological dig through the internet’s home decor crushes.

You know you want your home to feel fresh and up-to-date, but keeping up just can’t take on the scale of a full-time job.

And while some things (okay, many things!) look absolutely beautiful in a little square on Instagram, you have a feeling that too many are fiddly projects that will look a bit outdated before you even get them finished.

So how do you sort through the latest and greatest interior design ideas to find the manageable projects that will bring you lasting happiness in your home?

Let me show you!

Trends Are Not Your Friend (Unless You Like Them)

Home decor trends are often new and better solutions for home dilemmas we all face.

But any one trend may or may not fulfill these promises in your own home. A wall full of pegboard is a cool idea that might help you get organized . But does pegboard make sense for what you’re trying to store?

Trends are also sometimes presented as a reflection of how we collectively feel.

But we all have our own personal design preferences and histories ! What other people are loving right now might not hit the spot for you. The color mustard could feel cheerful after a long winter, but not if you seriously hate mustard.

Sounds obvious, but it’s true. Even though it’s fun to see fresh new home decor ideas each season, if you don’t love it or find it useful, you just don’t need it.

So before you adopt a trend, put your goals first!

A more generic solution will often get the job done just as well as something newer and less proven.

The Real Reasons People Use Trends

The problem is that people don’t just use decor trends to solve practical problems or create the right mood in their home.

Let’s Play

Switching out decor and changing interior features can be a hobby. Since your home is your own personal space, it’s a natural place to focus when you want something fun to do!

Of course, you can also liven things up without investing a lot of time and money in your home decor, so consider whether you are really looking to improve your home or simply want to keep busy.

Let’s Get Together

Another reason people focus on following trends is to gain a sense of belonging with other people who share their style. By adopting the latest and greatest, you get to be in the know and have something cool to share with like-minded people!

But if you want to prioritize setting up your house and getting on with the rest of your life, you can safely skip the social aspect of decorating your home.

Let’s Get to Work

Similarly, if interior design is your job, you’ll want to explore new trends to see how they work with your established style so you can help your followers and clients.

People who work in design need to learn and grow with the trial and error that comes along with experimentation — but if it’s not your job, don’t feel like you need to keep up.

Let’s Shop

Finally, trends come and go so frequently because they’re a great opportunity for manufacturers to sell more stuff.

Now, if it’s the trend of your dreams — go for it! If not, simply buying to stay trendy really isn’t necessary.

If you want to follow trends to achieve any of these goals — why not? Just know that you can still have a great home without them.

When you know why you want to follow a trend, you can prioritize your projects. Choose the product that helps you get organized, even if it’s not the trendiest option!

5 Times You Can Skip That Shiny New Idea

There are several types of home decor trends that you can safely ignore without too much fear of missing out.

How can you tell?

They are more complicated, costly, and permanent than hanging a piece of artwork or throwing some new pillows on the couch.

1. Trendy Finishes

You can safely skip all cool but costly finishes that come along with your favorite style.

So if you love a modern farmhouse vibe, for example, you don’t need to put up walls of shiplap and change every smidgen of hardware in your home to bronze to get the look!

Wall color and finishing touches are often enough to establish your home decor style, and those are super easy to switch in and out.

2. Themes that Don’t Relate

You can skip home decor themes that don’t relate to where you live.

Industrial style, with its strong lines and distressed finishes, might be gaining in popularity at the moment, but it probably won’t do much for your ‘80s raised ranch.

3. Decor Collections

Any design idea that requires you to have a collection of something —  like gallery walls— will always look better if you have actually collected the items over time. And that takes time, money, and focus.

Only invest in a collection if it’s something you truly love and plan on keeping for a while.

4. Bold Colors

Color — especially on walls — is easily driven by trends because it’s an element of home decor that is easy to show, talk about, and change. But in order to really make an impact with color, we’re often talking some taste-specific shades.

But light or medium wall colors that are warm and subdued will always be easy to live with.

Feel free to skip any color trend that pulls you way from that standard.

5. Seasonal Decor

Finally, you skip decorating for the seasons if that’s not your thing! Your house has windows, after all, and you can enjoy the current season through them.

If you love any of these trends, then they’re a part of your style and are worth your effort.

But if you are looking to reduce the angst you feel trying to keep up with home trends, consider ditching any of these five types of trends.

Going Trend-Free

So now you have a handy framework for how to let trends inspire your home decor, without bogging you down in too much, too fast.

Understand when and where you want to use a home trend, and you won’t worry about missing out on trends in other spots.

Understand why you want to use the trend, and you’ll prioritize the right kind of project for you.

And understand how much work you want to put into trendy projects in your home, and you’ll feel confident trends haven’t led you astray.

Look at trends in this whole new way, and you’ll enjoy your decor for years to come.


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