How to Update a Small Space So It Feels Undeniably Spacious

small space decor

You have big ideas for your home decor — but not so big rooms.

You love the idea of bright, airy spaces — but the reality is cramped and choppy.

No problem!

Here are five steps you can take to change the look of your small space so that it has that spacious feel you’re after.

While you can’t invent square footage, you can definitely invoke the the calm comfort of a larger space using these simple tips!

Go Monotone with Your Color Palette

You can transform any room with just paint, and if you’re going for a more spacious look in your small room, consider matching the walls to the ceiling — which usually means you should select a white paint.

When white walls meet a white ceiling you blur the edges of your room, creating an airy feel. Leaving your floor a darker color grounds the furniture so things don’t get too sterile.

If you’re feeling brave, you can invert that formula and paint both walls and ceiling a darker muted color. This is a great choice when you have smooth ceilings in a place you plan on staying for a while. Dark walls meeting a dark ceiling of the same color achieves that same blurring effect — but also creates cozier vibe.

Create a Built-in Feel

To create a streamlined feel that also leaves open as much floor space as possible, look to classic small spaces like boats and RVs for hints about how to arrange your furniture.

Use furniture with clean straight lines pushed up against the wall to create a welcoming, built-in feel.

Always arrange seating — from couches to dining chairs to beds — to have the nicest views in the room, so that when you sit down, you have a sense of looking out onto something pleasing. If you have a view from a window, use that. If not, think about what sight lines in your home are the most expansive and interesting. What you look at from where you sit the most will really impact how you feel about your space!

Connect storage furniture like bookcases in the same size and color to give a large empty wall purpose and cohesion. White furniture on white walls creates a fun canvas for either neutral or colorful accessories that will give your space personality.

Streamline Storage

To create a spacious feeling in a small room you will need closed storage that reduces the amount of personal belongings on display at any one time.

Lots of small items — even if they are useful — are tough to keep looking nice without constant arrangement. If you group like items in large closed bins, you’ll be able to enjoy using your small room without the obligation of constant tidying or considering the status of all the associated tasks and projects with your stuff.

You will also enjoy closed storage if you need a break from all the obligations those personal belongings represent. Worried you’ll forget about your tools and projects? This is a great place to use labels on your bins so you still have that little reminder right in front of you!

Limit your Layers

Layers of home decor make a house feel like home, but in a small room, too many decorative items can be burden. One throw blanket is comfy — a stack of five will make you feel like you’re sitting in linen closet.

So limit yourself to one to three of any decorative item in your small room.

This way, you won’t feel the need to constantly pick things up and move them out of the way to use the seating and work surfaces in the room. Having the ease to use your small space without having to clean up first will go a long way to making that room feel spacious!

Choose Your Hero Piece

Now that you have a clean, coherent small space, don’t be afraid to punctuate it with one amazing piece of home decor that catches your eye and makes a statement.

One of the challenges of small spaces is that they can feel a little inconsequential. When you lavish a small room with a fun embellishment — like a large clock on the wall or a brightly colored piece of art — you can give it plenty of personality without taking up a lot of space with knick knacks.

Make your hero piece something personal and you’ll feel right at home in your small room.

Space At Last

Now you have a game plan for giving your small room a more serene, spacious vibe.

  • Lighten up your background by blending the walls into the ceiling. Or go dark all over for a moodier vibe.
  • Make your bulkiest furniture look right at home by positioning it to have a cozy, built-in feel. Make sure your seating has the best view in the house and you won’t miss living in a larger space.
  • Choose storage pieces that also blend into the background and have bins or doors to hide all your small belongings.
  • Limit your accessories to just a handful of practical pieces to reduce any feeling of clutter claustrophobia.
  • And finally, accent your small space with a bold piece of decor that adds a lot of personality without taking up much square footage.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll transform your small room into a charming, comfortable space you won’t want to leave!

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